10 juli 2018

The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands: New maritime heritage app

The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands developed the app ‘Maritime Stepping Stones’ with information on Dutch shipwrecks throughout the world.

The app Maritime Stepping Stones (MaSS) makes Dutch shared maritime heritage accessible.

Access shipwrecks from your couch
Through the application Maritime Stepping Stones (MaSS), which can be accessed on your computer, phone or tablet, you can not only find information on Dutch shipwrecks, but also on so-called ‘maritime stepping stones’, wrecks which are significant for maritime archaeology as a discipline. The app is interactive in terms of how users can register and add new information on the wrecks, make changes or add a wreck that is not yet in the database.

Silent witnesses underwater
The Netherlands has a maritime history that has left many international traces. The Maritime Programme of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands manages all Dutch shipwrecks to which the Netherlands claims ownership. Among them are the remains of the ships of the Dutch East India Company and the West Indian Companies, the admiralties and war vessels. Managing these wrecks offers opportunities, as they can be seen as still-lifes and historical sources of important moments in Dutch (shared) history.