rXa - Recife Exchange Amsterdam

14 October 2011 tot 26 November 2011

ARCAM is working on an exchange of knowledge between Brazilian and Dutch architects on Amsterdam and Recife, a city in the northeastern part of Brazil.

A dialogue between Amsterdam and Recife is interesting because both cities are water cities and are situated in a delta area, as a consequence of which they both owe their existence and some of their problems to the water. In Recife and in Amsterdam, farreaching measures must be taken with regard to the future; measures that must be aimed at renewal, while at the same time they must also be in keeping with historical achievements. Remarkably enough, in this regard, too, there is a strong link between Recife and Amsterdam: Recife, capital of the state of Pernambuco lies in the middle of the former Dutch colony of New Holland.

The dialogue can be followed via the rXa Blog and will lead to an exhibition at ARCAM (15.10.11 - 26.11.11) that will open October 14 with a seminar.

The project takes place in the framework of the Brasil Festival Amsterdam and the Ano da Holanda no Brasil (Holland year). The partners in the project are the Universiteit van Pernambuco, the Municipality of Recife, the State Pernambuco, the IAB (Brazilian architect association) and on Amsterdams side co-curator Paul Meurs (SteenhuisMeurs) and advisors from DRO, Waternet, BMA and DIVV. The project is supported by the Dutch Embassy in Brasil and the Brazilian Embassy in the Netherlands.