Favela Painting in A'dam

22 December 2012 tot 23 December 2012

Kallenbach Gallery at Westergas in Amsterdam shows the Favela Painting Expo on 22nd and 23d of December.

Art is a unique messenger, crossing borders and building bridges. If implemented in an intelligent way it can be powerful weapon to catalyze social change. This is the main objective of the Favela Painting Project, founded by Dutch artists Dre Urhahn and Jeroen Koolhaas.

The Favela Painting Project started in 2005 in Rio de Janeiro. A series of projects was set up in Vila Cruzeiro and quickly spread to other places like Santa Marta. Together with local youth they created amazing results that became monuments in Rio’s urban landscape, changed public opinion and attracted massive coverage by international media.

Jeroen Koolhaas (Rotterdam, 1977) studied graphic design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and has been working as a freelance audio-visual designer and illustrator for the New Yorker magazine since graduation. www.jeruniverse.com

Dre Urhahn (Amsterdam, 1973) has worked as a journalist, copywriter, and art-director and has set up successful companies specializing in different fields, from event management to television production.