April 11, 2018

Rio Update

A large-scale event in Rio de Janeiro will round off the HOBRA Olympic cultural programme on 31 July.

HOBRA music duo Floriano Romano and Emma Rekers at work (credits: Elisa Mendes)

The 10 Dutch-Brazilian creative duos participating in the Olympic cultural programme HOBRA are making a final sprint for the closing event on 31 July in Rio de Janeiro, when they will show the results of three weeks of working intensively together. How are they doing and what have been their experiences up until now?

‘We have become acquainted with lots of people, so there’s a very intimate atmosphere. For me, that’s essential in order to be able to work well’, says theatre maker Sjaron Minailo who is making a musical theatre show based on a local myth together with his Brazilian partner Pedro Kosovski. Also filmmaker Daan Gielis, architect Sjoerd ter Borg and illustrator Jan Cleijne are enthusiastic about the cooperation with the Brazilians.

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