Network: Brazil

Knowledge is everywhere. Many Dutch organizations have knowledge about international cultural exchange with Brazil.

These organizations offer support and advise for starting a international cultural cooperation in the Netherlands or Brazil:

Cultural Funds offer financial support for international projects and are able to give practical advise. An overview of Dutch funds can be found at Nederlandse financiering (in Dutch) And you can have a look at all the Funds mentioned or described in content on this website. 

Sectoral Institutes are knowledge- and information centres for specific disciplines. They offer support - among others - on developing plans and are responsible for the international promotion of the cultural sector.

Umbrella organizations and industry associations are knowledge- and network ornganizations within a sector. They offer suport in promoting and proffesionalizing a sector. Sometimes though ... for members only.

Knowledge centers are quite diverse. Some of them collect inforamation on themes revelevant for multiple disciplines. For instance on cultural education and cultural entrepreneurship. Other organizations are very knowledgeable on certain subjects within a sector, for instance: on digitalizing heritage. 

Networks and platforms are well equiped to exchange information and experiences, within artistic disciplines or themes. Networks are often times formal organizations. Platforms or communities form digital nodes where everyone can pick up infomation or share it.

European networks exist for almost every art discipline for many cultural themes or types of cultural professionals. Networks are often a good way to find interesting partners for projects.

Looking for international partners? Start in the Netherlands!

The Offshore calendar contains more than 50.000 cultural activities by Dutch artists working abroad. Maybe they can help you or work with you on future projects. Please contact them, because most organizations like to share their international knowledge with you.