International visitors: Alexandra Miamoto and Célio Deffendi (BRA)

From 19 to 23 September, Mrs. Alexandra Miamoto and Mr. Célio Deffendi are our guests in our International Visitors Programme.

19 September 2016 to 23 September 2016

With 100,000 lamps, the Digital Art Gallery of SESI-SP is the biggest of Latin-America (photo: Mauren Ercolani).

Two representatives from SESI-SP (São Paulo) are visiting the Netherlands from 19 to 23 September within our International Visitors Programme. Alexandra Salomão Miamoto, cultural operations manager, and Célio Jorge Deffendi, educational and cultural advisor at SESI, are in the country to explore possibilities in partnerships to amplify cultural, educational and artistic exchange. One of the objectives is to set up a visual arts exhibition at SESI Art Gallery related to Dutch culture. Visits to Unseen, de Appel arts centre, Centraal Museum, Museum Voorwinden, and several art galleries are included in the programme.

The São Paulo Industrial Social Service (SESI-SP) is a large-scale non-profit organization maintained by the industrial sector and structured to offer social services in areas such as education, leisure, sports and culture. SESI-SP focuses on workers and their families but is open to all Brazilians. 

The Art Gallery of SESI-SP is one of the prominent exhibition spaces in the state capital of São Paulo, giving free access to important national and international collections. With museographic features, it has a space of 1,000 m², receiving photographic and iconographic exhibitions that run from art of ancient civilizations to cutting edge futuristic and electronic art. SESI-SP's Digital Art Gallery with 100,000 lamps is the biggest of Latin-America. 

Collaboration with the Netherlands
In 2015, SESI-SP and Eye Film Institute in collaboration with DutchCulture created a two-month festival that saw a Dutch feature or short film compilation screened every week at more than 50 SESI centres within 38 towns across the São Paulo region. Thereby, SESI and Dutch institutions could give people the opportunity to watch Dutch movies with cultural quality for free.