HOBRA in the Netherlands

Dutch participants in the Olympic cultural programme in Rio de Janeiro are back in the Netherlands and will be presenting their results on 23 October 2016.

23 October 2016

Dance performance during the HOBRA final event in Rio, presented by the duo Fernando Belfiore and Dani Lima (photo: Elisa Mendes)

During Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven on Sunday 23 October, you can see the results of a unique project: HOBRA, a Dutch cultural programme organised this summer around the Olympic Games in Brazil. Ten Dutch artists were paired up with ten Brazilian artists to form creative duos, in three weeks’ time making new work that was presented at a large-scale final event in Rio de Janeiro. On 23 October, the Dutch HOBRA participants will be showing their work in the Netherlands and talking about their experiences in Brazil. Entrance is free, but as the number of seats is limited, please sign up by using the form below.

HOBRA stands for obra (work or art work in Portuguese) and for Holanda and Brasil. The Dutch-Brazilian duos worked in the disciplines of literature, film, theatre, music, dance, design, E culture, art, architecture and in the area of cultural participation. The teams not only worked on their own during the project in Rio de Janeiro but also faced the challenge of building bridges to the work of other duos. The programme sprang from an invitation from Brazil to the Netherlands to participate in the Olympic cultural programme in Rio.

HOBRA was a collaboration between six Dutch cultural public funds: the Performing Arts Fund NL, the Fund for Cultural Participation, the Mondriaan Fund, the Netherlands Film Fund, the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Creative Industries Fund NL. The programme was organised with various Brazilian cultural partners, including the international theatre Festival TEMPO, the Panorama Dance Festival, Studio X Rio de Janeiro and Centro Carioca de Design.

The Dutch HOBRA participants were: Sjoerd ter Borg (architecture), Sjaron Minailo (theatre), Jonas Ohlsson (art), Daan Gielis (film) Fernando Belfiore (dance), Yuri Veerman (design), Jan Cleijne (literature), Emma Rekers (music), Thomas Kuijpers (E culture) and Jörgen Tjon A Fong (cultural participation). The Dutch participants will be present on 23 October to show their results.

Practical information
Date: Sunday 23 October
Time: 3:00-5:00 PM (door opens at 2:45 PM)
Location: Veemgebouw Strijp S, Torenallee 86, 8th floor, Eindhoven
Language: English and Dutch
Free entrance
Please sign up: with the application form (limited number of seats)

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